Mughende Women Farmers Association (MUWOFA)


Kobusinge Jemimah the MUWOFA Trainer

Teaching women how to grow healthy food was the association's first activity. They focus on small-scale horticulture; the sustainable, organic cultivation of vitamin-rich vegetables such as cabbage and eggplant. During training vegetable gardening, women learn to work a piece of land in a natural way. The vegetables are for personal use and for sale on the market.


Muwofa's target group consists of vulnerable women in the wider region around the city of Kasese: orphan girls, girls with a disability, pregnant teenagers, early school leavers, victims of domestic violence, single mothers and widows, together around 3000 women. Muwofa encourages the women to develop and offers help and a safe place.

women job training 2

Training courses in carpentry, breeding dairy goats, plumbing, beekeeping, fish farming, shoemaking, manufacturing liquid soap and bars of soap, making clothes, sewing covers for motorcycle saddles and car seats, making bags and belts, welding, basket weaving, accounting, catering, electronics and art and design.